Digital Currency Trading

NCEX provides the most professional and stable digital currency trading platform, which supports the CFDs of a wide range of mainstream cryptocurrency. NCEX also provides flexible leveraged trading options to meet all the needs of investors regarding to the digital asset investment, so that investors do not miss any market.

Digital Money Liquidity Solution

NCEX provides liquidity solutions and all-rounded technical consulting services for cryptocurrency trading, including risk monitoring, transaction monitoring, price integration and offering, liquidation, admin tools, etc., to achieve direct risk trading in international market and assist clients to gain competitive advantages in global crypto market.

International Multi Currency Settlement

Cryptocurrency is playing an increasingly important role in the business activities of a new generation of enterprises. NCEX works closely with many of the world's top banks, financial institutions, digital currency exchanges, providing cryptocurrency-based multi-currency settlement with fast speed and zero price volatility.

FinTechs for Digital Asset

NCEX specializes in providing high-end financial solutions and IT support. With a deep understanding of cryptocurrency industry, our R&D department is striving for continuously developing high-speed and stable exchange systems, settlement systems, risk management and CRM systems, satisfying any needs of both individual and organization clients.


Diverse and Flexible Deposit Channels

On NCEX, Investors can conduct the deposit in both fiat currency and mainstreamcryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency deposit will be liquidated into USDT in real time, ensuring that investors can enter the market agilely regardless of what currency they are holding.

USDT Settlement, Value Guarantee

Regardless of the type of deposit and withdrawal method that investors choose, NCEX will use USDT as the settlement unit for investors' income, so that the value of the income can be stabilized when the value of the cryptocurrency fluctuates dramatically.

Various CFDs, More Possibilities

The high volatility of the value of cryptocurrency is one of the factors that restricts it to become a common currency, but as a futures commodity, high-frequency volatility can provide various CFDs, creating more possibilities for investors.

Mature Commission Settlement System

NCEX has the most comprehensive commission settlement system within the market. The rebates are timely and prompt, and the commission rate is higher than the market average. It is determined to let the excellent agents and partners get rich profits.

Powerful and Flexible Leveraged Trading

NCEX provides leveraged trading for progressive investors. We offer 5-100 times trading leverage for our investors to choose freely. NCEX dedicates to helping investors maximize their investment returns.

Clearing Service and White Label Service for Organization Clients

NCEX welcomes long term cooperation with powerful and well-reputational organization clients. We can provide them with market-leading digital currency clearing services, as well as white label services for their trading platforms and management systems.

High Market Depth and Liquidity

NCEX is oriented to the global market, with a large number of users participating in the trading, and is favored by major investment institutions and financial organizations, ensuring its high market depth and market liquidity.

High Compliance, Safe and Stable

Founded in Australia, NCEX is recognized by Australian ASIC, AUSTRAC and other regulatory authorities. NCEX holds multinational financial service licenses including AFSL, highlighting the safe and reliable characteristics of NCEX.

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